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Fueling Innovation in Ukrainian Defense Technology: Join Us in Shaping the Future

Every diamond needs fuel to shine. Discover how TACCT fuels your journey from pressure to brilliance.

What is TACCT

In the crucible of conflict, your startup has emerged resilient, innovative, and vital to Ukraine’s defense and future prosperity.


Like a diamond forming under intense pressure, your potential is immense — but even diamonds need fuel to form.


That's where TACCT steps in, offering the critical support needed to turn potential into power.

German Regulation as Your Trust Anchor

Harness Germany's reputable financial environment to draw EU-wide investors. This positions your startup as a trustworthy investment, encouraging contributions from the extensive Ukrainian diaspora and beyond.

Step into the EU and Beyond

By establishing a German branch, leverage electronic stocks law to tap into the EU and NATO markets. It’s not just growth. it’s strategic positioning for your startup’s long-term success and global impact.

Maintain Control with Electronic Stocks

Utilize Germany's Future Financing Act's electronic stocks (“cryto stocks”) to secure funding while keeping your startup’s helm. It’s your pathway to grow on your terms, through transparent and flexible equity exchange.

Champion Ukraine’s Victory and Future with Global Expansion:

For Ukrainian startups committed to defending their homeland and shaping its future, TACCT opens doors to essential resources and global markets.


Elevate Your Venture
with TACCT

Joining TACCT means more than accessing funds. it’s a declaration of your commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty today and its prosperity tomorrow.


By aligning with Germany’s financial ecosystem, you position your startup for a future marked by innovation, resilience, and global impact.

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How does it work

Your steps to join the platform


Contact us via form below

Tell us shortly about your startup and leave your contact information. We will follow up with the next steps.


Connect with potential investors and partners

After approval your project will be added on the platform. We use individual approach for all applicants to ensure that all regulations are met.


Submit your project proposal for review

On this stage we will need your detailed information, the technology readiness level and other metrics of your business.


Secure funding and accelerate your growth

Start your journey with improved capabilities. Get investments and grow your breakthrough technology.

Our strengths

Secure Funding

Gain access to a pool of investors eager to support groundbreaking defense innovations

Expert Guidance

Navigate regulatory challenges with the help of seasoned advisors and mentors

Network Expansion

Connect with industry leaders, potential partners, and fellow innovators

Accelerated Growth

Scale your startup rapidly with the resources and support you need


Get early access

Be one of the first startups to join TACCT platform and achieve support of worldwide investors.

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Ready to support your business?

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